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Competition Rules

Club members can choose to enter competitions in one of two levels - Intermediate or Advanced, subject to the following rules:

 1.    New members, or indeed any club member, can join either group by simply notifying the Competition Secretary.

2.    Existing Intermediate members can join the Advanced Group by simply notifying the Competition Secretary at any time.

3.    Existing Advanced members who wish to join the Intermediate Group must apply to the Competition Secretary giving suitable reason for their proposed change in status.

We have noticed that new members can be intimidated when they enter pictures against 'The Big Boys' in the club, and will face a torrent of criticism by the judge as a result. This does not happen. Judges make constructive comments designed to help and encourage members.

Once pictures are entered, the competition secretary will identify the Intermediate group images when preparing the entry list for the judge.

The judge will take note of this, and make allowances for the member’s lack of experience. At the end of the season, the Intermediate member with the most points will be awarded a trophy.

An Intermediate member can not win the best overall image in a competition, as their group is judged separately.

Rules for entering Club Competitions

It is important that all competition entries conform to the following rules:

Two types of pictures can be entered - Projected Digital Images (PDIs), or Prints.

To enter a competition a member must have paid their subscription fees!

There is no fee for entering competitions.

PDIs or Print entries must be handed in on the Hand In Night. We totally understand that you may not be able to attend the club on some Hand In Nights, so we are happy to accept USBs earlier. Perhaps members who live near one another can have reciprocal arrangements to bring one another’s PDI and Print entries to the club on Hand In Night. If you are really stuck, then PDIs can be sent to Bob Tyson using  WeTransfer  or email before Hand In Night.

We are going to have to be quite strict in terms of deadlines as we need to collate all the info and get everything to the judges so they have enough time to evaluate your work before results night. We hope you understand. Your cooperation in this matter will be greatly appreciated by us both.

PDI Entries

The maximum number of projected entries per competition is 3, and can be either colour or black and white.

PDI entries must be supplied as JPEG or JPG files. Images must be resized to fit within a 1600 x 1200 pixel window.

If your image is in Landscape format it should be resized so that it is 1600 pixels wide.

If your image is in Portrait format it should be resized so that it is 1200 pixels high.

Any picture area can be used, as long as it fits into a 1600 x 1200 window.

The Resolution of the image doesn't matter, as long as the pixel dimensions are correct.

Message from Competition Secretary Bob Tyson :

It would help me greatly when I am registering and collating images if you would rename your images as follows:

Thus:    Title - space - 'A'  for Advanced or  'M'  for Intermediate - space - membership number.

Example:          Black Steam Engine A 54

Or:                     Black Steam Engine M 99

There is no need for anything else and no need for image  ‘1’,  ‘2’,  ‘3’  or  ‘A’,  ‘B’,  ‘C’  etc.

Print Entries

The maximum number of print entries per competition is three. These can be colour, or black and white, or mixed. All prints must be mounted.

The minimum size for print images is 18cm x 13cm excluding the mount. The maximum size is 50cm x 40cm including the mount.

The image title is to be written on the back of the print – no membership number. So that we can identify the photographer, each competition entry ( up to three prints ) must be accompanied by a piece of paper with your name, membership number and the titles of your prints in alphabetical order.

So if you call one of your prints Black Steam Engine, it should be labelled as below:

Black Steam Engine

Regarding the title on the back of your print, you may wish to consider typing and printing it out, and glueing it to the back  ( Fairly big type so the judge can read it in dimmed lights on results night .)

The only information required on your prints is the title, and this should be positioned in the top centre on the reverse of the print. Under no circumstances should there be any indication of your identity. The backing board of the mount should be firmly affixed and the label containing the required information should also be firmly fixed to it.

Trade processed prints may be so noted on the rear of the mount for the correct assessment of the judge, both for black and white and colour.

Prints will only be accepted on the specified night.

Any images not complying with the above rules will be rejected.


The points awarded for the internal record of members’ success are shown below. Points only apply to competitions held by the society.

Whereas every care will be taken of competition material submitted, neither the Society nor its Officers can be held responsible for any damage to the material as this could have occurred anywhere.

Subjects for the competitions to be held in the ensuing year, selected from a list presented at the Annual General Meeting, and the final choice made by the Committee.

Provision of anonymity for competitors will be by entering the number provided on the member’s membership card on each entry.




  First Place

5 points

  Second Place

4 points

  Third Place

3 points

  Highly Commended

2 points


1 points

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Comp Definitions

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