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WhatsApp Group

Rights in the UK

  9th October

  Abandoned / Discarded / Urban Decay


  30th October



  13th November

  Architecture and Interiors


  27th November



  8th January

  Close Up / Macro


  22nd January



  5th February



  19th February

  Street Photography


  19th March



  2nd April

  Monochrome Open


Season 2013-2014

Clicking on any link will bring up a new window, containing a moving gallery of the results from that competition, in either Projected Images, or Prints.

The show can be controlled with the cursor keys, the controller at the bottom of the picture, or the thumbnails on the right.

The pictures from Commended through to 1st Place are shown, in both the Intermediate and Advanced sections, starting with the Intermediate pictures. Any missing images are where a Club member has requested his or her pictures are not displayed.